Who will benefit from the use of MAP?

  Individuals looking to:

Optimize Body Protein Synthesis (BPS)

Optimize Muscle Mass – with or without exercise

Optimize Muscle Strength

Optimize Muscle Endurance

Improve Muscle Recovery Time

Get the needed protein when on a plant based diet

Support bodies need for Amino Acids

Minimizes body fat

Keep the body in an anabolic state (muscle building)

MAP is digested in 23 minutes compared to 3 to 6 hours with

Dietary Proteins and Protein Supplements.

Master Amino Acid Pattern has less than 1% metabolic toxic waste – compared to other

amino/protein sources which range between 52% and as high as

84% which mean the kidneys are burdened by protein ash

elimination and other stresses on the body.

Video: MAP Mas