Master Amino Acid Pattern for Track-and-Field Athletes


Comparative results between two groups of track-and-field athletes with or without the use of Master Amino acid Pattern as protein substitute.

Dr Luca Moretti is the man that found the Master Amino Acid Pattern and many clinical trials have been done to see its effects on athletes and nonathletes alike. One study that I found especially interesting was their trial with track-and-field athletes. They tested these track-and-field athletes while using MAP and while not using MAP and here is what they found.

Comparative results of this study have shown that track-and-field athletes, by taking the Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) as a dietary protein substitute and performing physical activity, have had:

      Increased body muscle mass, strength, and endurance
      Decreased fat mass
      Increased basal metabolism rate
      Greater improvement in performance of the non-prevailing muscles compared to the prevailing ones
      Improved muscular and hematologic lactate clearance, which allows for better muscle performance and faster muscle recovery after physical activity


What this study concluded was that the use of MAP as a dietary protein substitute in conjunction with physical activity can provide a safe and unprecedented way to optimize the body’s protein synthesis, thereby improving anthropometric characteristics and physical and physiologic performance.
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